• 本次主辦單位官方授權之售票系統為「玫瑰大眾娛樂售票」。
  • 每人最多可購買4張門票,同筆訂單的持票者需要一同入場。
  • 6歲以下之觀眾不得入場。
  • 任何經第三方網站或非本主辦單位所授權之售票系統所購買之票券,均被視作違反本活動購票辦法,將不具有入場資格。
  • 您購買的門票將被視為參加Ed Sheeran桃園演唱會的唯一入場憑證。購票交易即被視為同意提供您個人資料的蒐集與使用。
  • 您購買的門票是由主辦單位直接銷售給消費者。任何於企業或交易平台所購買之票券,均被視作違反本活動購票辦法,可能被視為無效。
  • 本場次門票不可轉讓或轉售,違反此規範可能會導致您的門票被取消且不予退款。
  • 本次售票採實名制,將會於票券上印製票券訂購人(主要購票者)之姓名。主要購票者須能在任何情況下(包含抵達演出並進場時)出示以下資訊,票券才將被視為有效門票:

  • 您同意接受並遵循本活動適用之購票條件,請點選以下同意之選項以進一步進入活動介紹與購票流程。

In an effort to prevent ticket scalping and protect consumer interests, all tickets will be sold on a “real-name registration basis” and retrieved via “mail only”.  Retrieval of tickets purchased after the said date will be available “on site only”.  To protect your rights, please carefully read through the following terms and conditions before purchasing tickets.

  • The official ticket seller for this event is GMusic Tickets.
  • Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of four tickets per person.  The Lead Purchaser of each order must be present for attendees to be granted entry.
  • Audience under 6 years of age are prohibited from attending the concert.
  • Any tickets purchased from a third party website and/or unauthorized platformsare in breach of respective ticket purchasing terms and conditions and shall be deemed invalid.   Such tickets will not be allowed entry to the concert.
  • Your ticket purchase constitutes a personal license to attend the Ed Sheeran concert in Taoyuan.  By purchasing a ticket, you agree to your personal data collection and usage.
  • Your ticket(s) are sold by the promoters directly to the consumer.  Any tickets purchased by businesses or traders are in breach of respective ticket purchasing terms and conditions and may be deemed invalid.
  • Tickets are not transferable and cannot be resold or offered for resale.   Failure to comply with such conditions may result in your ticket(s) being cancelled without a refund.
  • Tickets to this event shall be sold on a “real-name registration basis”.  The name of the Purchaser/Lead Purchaser shall be printed on respective tickets.  For a ticket to be valid, the Lead Purchaser must at any point be able to provide the following - this includes on arrival at the show to gain admission:
    1. The ticket(s)
    2. Booking confirmation
    3. A valid photo ID or Passport matching the customer name on the ticket(s).
  • You agree to accept and strictly abide by the purchasing terms and conditions of this Event.  Please click the agreement button below to enter the event details page and proceed with the ticket purchasing process.
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